Selected Projects

Photo credit: Cooper Bates



When her teenage daughter Crystal disappears, Lena Gladwell, a divorced African-American mother of two, is stunned by the inaction of local police. She and her older daughter Cara rally friends and family, flier the neighborhood and reach out to the media, all to no avail. They come to learn the painful message that all missing children are not created equal.


When a quirky shut-in gets a feisty new neighbor — a trans woman in an abusive relationship — the two begin a strange friendship that allows them both to break free.

Rosita Lopez for President

Fourteen-year-old Rosita Lopez is running for President of the United States of America. As she tries to garner votes, she renews more than just a sense of democracy in the people she meets.

Transformation Awaits

Maggie, a quirky shut-in, spends her days obsessed with television personality and “Transformational Healer,” Connor Robinson. When Maggie gets a feisty new neighbor, Lamay — a trans woman in a tumultuous relationship — the two begin a strange friendship that catapults them on a cross-country adventure to meet Connor in person.

Welcome to Camelot

Camelot Jones is a troubled teenager who escapes abuse by hiding inside a world of fantasy — one hidden inside her identical twin sister’s paintings. But when reality descends on her safe haven, the true horror begins.