Painting by Erin McCann

Welcome to Camelot

Camelot Jones is a troubled teenager who escapes abuse by hiding inside a world of fantasy — one hidden inside her identical twin sister’s paintings. But when reality descends on her safe haven, the true horror begins.

WELCOME TO CAMELOT was written by Rachel Goldberg and won Best Screenplay from the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival and was selected for the Women in Film Financing Initiative with mentors Lynette Howell (BLUE VALENTINE) and Chris Tricarico (KILL BILL). It also won Best Screenplay from the Garden State Film Festival where it received a staged reading in Atlantic City with a phenomenal cast including Al Sapienza (HOUSE OF CARDS). Earlier drafts of the screenplay were recognized by Sundance, Slamdance, PAGE International, the Big Australian and Shriekfest.